Individual & Creative Identity Solutions.

Building desirable identities, challengers & icons. Brands have never had to work harder to stand out and get noticed. The ability to adapt and evolve is essential to sustaining relevance.

At Onyx, great minds think differently, We find more creative and effective ways to connect with, and influence, audiences. We believe that design is fundamentally a problem solving exercise that can be applied to any sector, discipline or media.


Everything we do is a product of bold thinking, an ability to read, write and speak the language of both brands and consumers. We build brands that don’t just stand still, but stand out.

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Modern & Innovative Brands

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We Provide Independent
 Personal Design

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We will be with you every step of the way.
We Hit Deadlines
Natural disasters will not stop us hitting the mark.
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Nothing speaks louder than the quality of our work.

If your mind is open, we will move
mountains to work with you.

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